It’s time to take the next step in addressing the priority themes that we’ve identified through CALS’ strategic planning. The priority themes areas of critical importance in which CALS has the potential—expertise and program strength that cuts across departments and disciplines—to make a positive impact. In the next few months our efforts will focus on exploring each theme area in-depth. We are asking:

  • What are the issues in these areas we care deeply about?
  • Which issues is CALS best positioned to address?
  • What sources of funding can we mobilize to make an impact on these issues?
  • Who can provide leadership in these areas?

To answer these questions, we are organizing a series of workshops and identifying theme co-chairs who will lead the discussions. We will post details about these workshops in eCALS and on the strategic planning website. Please attend as many as you would like and share the information with others who might be interested. If you can’t make it to the workshops, please share your thoughts via this online survey.

Theme workshops and co-chairs:

Healthy Ecosystems. Co-chairs: Ken Genskow, Urban and Regional Planning and Claudio Gratton, Entomology. Workshop, Friday, Feb. 14, 10am-noon, Holt Commons. RSVP here.

Food Systems. Co-chairs: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture, Monica Theis, Food Science, Monica White, Community and Environmental Sociology. Workshop: Wed, Feb. 26, 11 am-1pm, Lake Mendota Room, DeJope Residence Hall. RSVP here.

Economic and Community Development. Co-chairs: Gary Green, Community and Environmental Sociology and Jeff Sindelar, Animal Science. Workshop date TBD

Basic Science. Co-chairs: Audrey Gasch, Genetics, Judith Kimble, Biochemistry. Workshop date TBD

Bioenergy and Bioproducts. Co-chairs: Rob Anex, Biological Systems Engineering, Natalia De Leon, Agronomy  and Garret Suen, Bacteriology. Workshop date TBD

Changing Climate. Co-chairs: Bill Bland, Soil Science and Chris Kucharik, Agronomy. Workshop date TBD

Health and Wellness. Co-chairs and workshop date TBD