Ingenuity update: John Mochon and 5 CALS grad students get WARF innovation awards

When it comes to innovation, CALS does not take a backseat. This year WARF gave an Innovation Award to John Monchon for developing the BetaGene oat, one of a few varieties to exhibit consistently high levels of beta-glucan, a cholesterol lowering soluble fiber.

The WARF Innovation Award winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges from among more than 350 invention disclosures submitted to the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation over the past 12 months.

In addition, CALS grad students claimed five out of six of this year’s WARF Discovery Challenge Awards, which honor exceptional collaborative work by graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

This year’s winners include: Ph.D. candidates Yi-Cheng Wang (biological systems engineering) and Ti-Yu Lin (biochemistry); Ebony Murrell (entomology) and Pierre-Marc Delaux (agronomy); and research fellow David Kiefer (family medicine) and master’s student Jack Buchanan (agroecology).

The WARF Discovery Challenge winners were selected from among more than 100 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who participated in a research symposium and mini-grant challenge to develop groundbreaking, interdisciplinary ideas. The WARF Discovery Challenge is a program recently pioneered by the WARF student ambassadors with the goal of encouraging graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from across the entire campus to learn from each other and expand their research vision.