Familiar faces in new places in CALS financial, business services and research offices

Campus financial and personnel system changes, in addition to Paul Jelle’s retirement, have resulted in restructuring efforts related to CALS financial and business service operations.  This restructuring effort also encompasses the WAES financial operations.

Angie Seitler will now assume the CALS Business Service Assistant Dean responsibilities in addition to the WAES financial operations and Research Division post-award oversight.  Casey Hillmer will be managing WAES programmatic matters such as the annual competition, annual reports, and multistate participation and Lori Cunningham has become the new financial program supervisor for CALS Business Services.

These changes will allow for all financial transactions to be handled by designated accountants assigned to each Department/Center/Unit.  The list of contacts is available at:

We hope these changes will create efficiencies and minimize the time faculty and staff spend on their financial transactions.