NIFA Reporting Activation Portal Link

The REEport system,which replaces the CRIS (Current Research Information System) went live on May 6th. Faculty received an email from USDA-NIFA, requesting activation of access in REEport. If you received an email, please  activate your access in the system. The email does not mean an USDA report needs to be submitted, it is for access to REEport for future submission of  NIFA and formula fund/Hatch annual reports. Many do not have passwords, so you may need to reset your password.

Use this link to the REEport homepage to activate your access:

Email from NIFA:
You have been granted access to the NIFA Reporting Portal. Click on the activation link below or copy the link to a browser window, to activate your account. This link is valid for 36 hours.
If your link expires, you may generate a new one through the password reset mechanism:

If you have any questions or did not receive a REEport email but should have, please contact Casey Hillmer at: 262-2397 or