Instructors: Review copies of Go Big Read book available

Next year’s Go Big Read common reading book is “A Tale for the Time Being” by Ruth Ozeki.

If you would like to explore using the book in one of your courses next year, please choose from the following options to receive a review copy:

1. If you are CERTAIN you will be using the book in your 2013/14 course, fill out the online request form now We will immediately send you a review copy via campus mail and set aside books for all the students in your course. If you have TAs, we can provide review copies for them, as well. We’ll also work with Enrollment Management to get the information about the book (free to your students!) onto your textbook list.

2. If you need to REVIEW THE BOOK FIRST, before committing to using it in the course, we’re happy to send you a review copy first. In that case, email and let us know your name, campus address you’d like to receive the book at, and what course you’re considering using the book for. We will await your decision, plan an adequate number of books on campus, and continue to communicate with you about deadlines for confirming your plans.