New CALS WordPress theme available

CALS IT has released a new WordPress theme to aid web developers throughout the college.  Use of this WordPress theme is not mandatory, but offers a platform for customization while providing a uniform look and feel.

The CALS version 1.0 WordPress theme takes advantage of new aesthetic trends that are being developed for the CALS homepage and many other CALS sites.  Along with the updated aesthetics, version 1.0 of the theme incorporates:

  • Multiple configurable layout options
  • jQuery, Masonry, and Isotope libraries
  • Improved Typography options utilizing open source fonts
  • HTML5 responsive design
  • Adaptive layouts optimized for all mobile platforms (smartphone/tablet)
  • New Layout Options with live customizable panels for increased content discoverability
  • HTML5 Local Storage (remembering UI preferences for the user)
  • Improved Accessibility with WARIA Implementation

You can get started with the theme by downloading it from  Version 1.0 will also be available within the theme library upon its submission approval.

If you are interested in applying the CALS theme design and user experience to your site but do not use WordPress, please contact me so that I may provide the most ideal solution for your needs.

For more information on how to use the theme or for any related questions, please contact Al Nemec at or 262-1365.

Al Nemec
CALS Web Developer & Coordinator