Water Sustainability In A Changing World — Feb. 7

Water Sustainability In A Changing World — A Roy F. Weston Distinguished Lecture By Jerald Schnoor, Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, University of Iowa

  • Thursday, February  7, 4 p.m.
  • DeLuca Auditorium, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
  • Reception to be held immediately afterwards in WID’s Town Center
  • RSVP to by Feb. 1


Water is a vital renewable resource for society which is increasingly stressed by multiple demands for water supply, agriculture, industry, recreation, and ecosystem needs. Changes in water supply and demands for water are driven by population growth, climate and land use change, and our energy choices (such as biofuels, oil sands, and shale gas). In this talk, we discuss the drivers affecting water sustainability and potential solutions including:  adapting to a changing water world, direct and indirect potable water reuse, resilient water infrastructure, and more holistic management of the water cycle.

Traditionally, management of the water cycle has been fragmented—for example, groundwater is treated separately from surface water, and standards for effluent discharge are often disconnected from quality required at downstream water intakes. Development of integrated research and management of water resources has been frequently stated as a goal, but knowledge gaps make this difficult to achieve. This lecture also describes research at Clear Creek watershed (270 km2), a tributary of the Iowa River in eastern Iowa, to create an environmental observing facility and intelligent digital watershed (IDW) for better water management and prediction.