CALS provides guidelines for Educational Innovation proposals

Guidelines are now in place for CALS educators who want to reconfigure curricula as part of the campuswide Educational Innovation initiative. That effort was established to enhance learning outcomes, generate new revenues, and help departments make more efficient use of time and other resources devoted to instruction.

The guidelines can be downloaded here. They were developed by Brad Barham, director of educatioal innovation for CALS and thave been approved by the CALS Academic Planning Council, which will take the lead in reviewing EI proposals for CALS—especially those that involve significant curriculum changes or the development of new certificate or Masters’ programs.

Each CALS department chair will be asked to identify a faculty members who will serve as point people for educational innovation efforts in his or her unit.

“If this initiative is to succeed, it will require leadership at all levels of campus,” Dean VandenBosch said in a note to CALS chairs. “Those point people could be exploring options for your department or just be willing to learn more about ‘blended learning’ or post-bachelor’s certification programs or curriculum revisions or other innovative possibilities aimed at enhancing learning outcomes and improving our educational delivery to traditional and new audiences.”