Food Research Institute spring meeting to address various food safety issues – May 22-23

Food safety experts from government, industry, and academia will gather in Madison, Wisconsin on May 22 and 23 for the annual Food Research Institute Spring Meeting at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The program includes presentations on foodborne pathogen virulence, detection, and intervention strategies; applied food safety and quality; epidemiology and health; as well as exploiting microbes to improve food safety and health. This meeting features scientists from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and other universities, as well as from industry and government. For more information or to register, download this brochure.

Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Gale Prince of SAGE Food Safety Consultants will give the William C. Frazier Memorial Award lecture and be recognized for his contributions to food microbiology. That evening will feature a poster session, reception and opportunities to network with colleagues.

The meeting is geared toward individuals involved in food safety, product development, food microbiology and food quality assurance, as well as those in public health, including processors, retailers, nutritionists, consultants, educators, students, and government professionals.

The Food Research Institute has a long history of excellence in identifying and addressing food safety issues. The current focus on food microbiology and toxicology has developed through academic pursuits and partnerships with industry and government.