Remaining needs for April 14 Science Expeditions

A few more exhibitors, volunteers and a social media push are still needed to make the 2012 Science Expeditions on Saturday, April 14 a big success. Science Expeditions is the day UW-Madison invites the public in to experience hands-on science activities and to tour science-based venues throughout the campus. This year is the 10th annual Science Expeditions event!


1. Exploration Stations
Exploration Stations are staffed, interactive exhibits where you can share science research, science concepts and or/the process of “thinking like a scientist” with the public. To sign up, go to

2. Volunteers are needed for the April 14 event
As a Volunteer Support Staff, you can help set up or take down tables, chairs, signs, and information booths; or you can help welcome people and help them navigate their way to the dozen Satellite Science Venues; or you can help gather feedback and input to help evaluate the visitor experience at Science Expeditions; or you can help assist at various exploration stations. Sign-up to help!

3. Social media
Give Science Expeditions 2012 a boost and strengthen your social media ties by joining in an effort to coordinate some online marketing before and during the April 14 event. If your science and/or science education group has a Facebook or Twitter (or Flickr or Pinterest or Google+ or whatever) account, please contact Chris Barncard at We’d love to have your help tapping UW-Madison’s growing social media community to promote the 10th annual Science Expeditions — and to begin building a list of campus accounts with science and outreach missions.