WALSAA 40 in 40 Impact Awards: Nominate someone who has made a difference to CALS

Impact is the word guiding the selection of 40 individuals who have impacted the College and student body in the last 40 years. Through PR efforts and networking on campus and within associated CALS organizations, nominations will be solicited for 40 individuals related to the College who have made a difference in significant or unique ways. This is a focus on those who have made a difference not only for CALS, FISC or WALSAA, but also those who have worked diligently across farms, businesses, the life sciences, education, research, organizations and within other arenas.

The 40 selected individuals will be recognized at the September 15th WALSAA Fire-Up event. The honorees will also be recognized through various WALSAA communications, CALS news channels and other media outlets.

Help WALSAA find great nominees. Download and and share this announcement.


1. Nominee must be an individual who was impactful anytime between 1972 to 2012 (the last 40 years.) Their WALSAA affiliation will be considered but is not required.

2. Nominations will be accepted for individuals currently employed, retired or deceased.

3. Nominations may be made by the individual themselves or a nominator and may be made in memoriam.

4. Valid nominations must contain the information listed below and be submitted by May 15, 2012.

5. Only individuals and not corporations or organizations will be considered.

Nomination Details

1. Completed nominations need to be submitted together by May 15, 2012. Up to two additional letters of support or supporting material may be submitted with the nomination information but are not required. No late nominations will be accepted.

2. Nomination forms should be sent to: WALSAA 40 in 40 Impact Awards, c/o WALSAA, PO Box 5177, Madison, WI 53705-5177 or via email at

3. Questions can be directed to Marjorie Stieve, WALSAA Marketing & Development Committee Chair at 608.250.4284 or

Nomination Information – To submit a nomination, please supply the following information. If nomination is in memoriam supply the following information when applicable.

I. Candidate nominated by: • name • address • telephone • email • date of submission

II. Biographical information on the nominee: • name • address • email • telephone • education • positions held

• professional affiliations • honors and awards • WALSAA membership or affiliation

III. A brief nomination letter: In no more than two typed pages, please describe the nominee’s impact and accomplishments on the CALS and the student body and/or organizations affiliated with the university, research within their chosen field, the state of Wisconsin and beyond. Be sure to convey how the nominee has made a difference for CALS and its mission, CALS graduates, WALSAA, or the many areas that have been positively impacted by this individual.

WALSAA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that supports the connection of students, faculty and alumni to the University of Wisconsin’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences