Loving the shiny: First-ever Short Course truck show

Things were so bright last Thursday afternoon that you had to wear shades—at least if you were strolling through the Stock Pavilion, the site of the first-ever Farm and Industry Short Course Truck Show. Twenty-four vehicles were on display, vying for votes as “Best Ford,” “Best Chevy,” “Best Dodge,” “Most Bling” and “The truck you’d most like to drive  home.” We’re guessing a lot of votes in the latter category went to this truck, owned by Charles Oberhaus of Waukesha.

Although there’s ample attention to farming equipment in the Short Course curriculum, this was not an instructional endeavor. It was a purely extracurricular event, conceived and organized by the students themselves.

“We love the shiny,” said Marly Page, a first-year student from Fond du Lac. “If it’s not loaded with chrome, what’s the point?”

Go here for a quick slideshow.