Gouda news: Gary Grossen earns silver at world cheese contest

Gary Grossen tests pH on a sample of his Gouda in the Babock dairy plant.

Babcock dairy plant cheese meister Gary Grossen helped Wisconsin win big by taking home a silver medal in the Gouda category at the World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison. That’s no small deal. Gouda is a category that’s “is often swept by the Netherlands,” John Umhoefer, executive director of the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association, told a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter. As this JSOnline video describes, this “grandaddy” of cheese competitions attracts entries from 24 countries worldwide. “Every vat of cheese I make, I make it to be an award-winning product,” Grossen tells the interview.

“It’s a tough competition, and when you come out on top, you can boast,” he adds.