CALS in the News for the Week of March 5-9

In the News

Wisconsin cheeses dominate in World Cheese Championship Contest
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/8/2012
Mentioned: Gary Grossen, Babcock Hall Dairy Plant

Insect Experts Issue ‘Urgent’ Warning on Using GM Seeds
NPR 3/9/2012
Quoted: Paul Mitchell, Agricultural & Applied Economics

Wisconsin missing out on U.S. jobs gain
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/3/2012
Quoted: Steven Deller, Agricultural & Applied Economics

National Guard to train Afghans on ag
Green Bay Press-Gazette 3/6/3012
Mentioned: CALS-trained National Guard Agribusiness Development unit

Growing demand creates opportunities, challenges for Wisconsin organic ag
Agri-View 3/8/2012
Mentioned: Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

State Organic Advisory Council Meeting Slated
Wisconsin Ag Connection 2/6/2012
Mentioned: Kate VandenBosch, CALS dean

UW undergrad research spotlighted at the Capitol
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/7/2012
Mentioned: Kevin King, CALS undergraduate

Making the transition: Farmers talk about transferring the farm from one generation to the next
The Country Today 3/8/2012
Quoted: Joy Kirkpatrick, Center for Dairy Profitability

Risk management plan should include assessing farm partner’s personalities
Wisconsin State Farmer 3/8/2012
Quoted: Kevin Bernhardt, Center for Dairy Profitability

Thin areas, uneven plants: Nematodes might be to blame
Agri-View 3/8/2012
Quoted: Paul Esker, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Ann MacGuidwin, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Richard Proost, Horticulture

Of Interest

The Truth About the Doomsday Virus
The New York Times 3/3/12

Brains of Honeybee Scouts are Wired for Adventure
The New York Times 3/9/2012

Wheat, Soybean, Corn Reserves Dropping as Demand Grows, Crops Falter
Bloomberg 3/9/2012

Nation’s Largest ‘Food Forest’ To Be Built In Middle of Seattle
Forbes 3/9/2012

Historic animal farm at Pierce College under threat of closing
Los Angeles Times 3/8/2012