Hygiene lab webcast: Microbial source tracking

In a presentation at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, WSLH Water Microbiology Director and UW Soil Sciences Professor Sharon Long, Ph.D. outlines the latest advances in the WSLH’s Microbial (Fecal) Source Tracking toolbox.

Microbial source tracking (MST) or fecal source tracking (FST) is a term used to describe a suite of tests that are used to identify specific sources of water contamination, i.e. human vs. animal contamination. It has uses in source water protection, watershed management, bathing beach monitoring, and shellfish bed monitoring. When used together with traditional contamination indicators in a “toolbox,” FST can provide a weight-of-evidence approach to identifying the source of fecal contamination.

Watch the webcast here: (Windows Media, 225 kbps)