Instructors and advisors invited to weekly book discussion series

Biological Sciences faculty, instructional staff and advisors are invited to join a spring semester bookgroup seminar where we will read and discuss Whistling Vivaldi, a book by social psychologist Claude Steele, with a goal of understanding how stereotypes affect identity and ultimately affect behavior and achievement.  This book addresses the issue of the education achievement gap related to race and gender.

The program is being organized by Lillian Tong, Director of University Educators Programs and Services in the Center for Biology Education, and Tom Browne, Assistant Dean in CALS Undergraduate Programs and Services.

“The book serves as a catalyst for weekly discussion, chapter by chapter,  as we make meaning together and personally apply what we gain to our own contexts,” Tong says.  “Many of us are both instructors and advisors, and this book has application for these roles as well as many others in our lives.”

If you are interested, contact Lillian Tong at or Tom Browne at