Friday is the deadline for Teaching and Learning Symposium proposals

Deadline:  Friday, January 20, 2012

Teaching & Learning Symposium 2012:
Stretching Our Boundaries, Reaching All Students
Advancing the Year of the Wisconsin Idea

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Union South
May 23-24, 2012

The history of the emergence of the Wisconsin Idea offers a set of values—self-governance, integrity, egalitarianism, truth and interpersonal trust—that can guide the Universityís contemporary approach to engaging with public issues.
~Katherine Loving, Civic Engagement Coordinator for University Health Services

This year (2011-12) has been named the Year of the Wisconsin Idea, celebrating the principle that the University should improve peopleís lives beyond the classroom. Faculty and instructors at UW-Madison are experimenting with a variety of approaches that bring UW expertise and Wisconsin community into the classroom and that subsequently connect students to a broader community. This year’s Teaching and Learning Symposium will focus on ways that the teaching and learning community at UW-Madison is extending its reach beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom to reach all learners.

We seek proposals for engaging sessions that highlight current and future campus initiatives, build on research, help colleagues make improvements based on past experiences, emphasize ways to bring the broader Wisconsin community into the learning process, or extend our impact beyond the traditional boundaries of campus.

Specifically, we are looking for proposals from faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students that address:
• Actions that new and experienced teachers can take to extend their reach to new learners and communities (
• Approaches to enhance learning through excellence, inclusivity, and innovation
• Strategies that apply research and the scholarship of teaching and learning to the learning experience
•  Methods to assess student learning and examples of using assessment data to improve teaching and learning
• Strategies used to align our classes with the essential learning outcomes and high impact practices
•  Steps we can take to employ technology-enhanced learning

Proposed presentations should be 30, 60, or 90 minutes long. The format should be either a workshop (e.g., hands-on or experiential sessions) or a learning circle (e.g., structured discussions).

For additional information and to submit a proposal please go here and complete the proposal form. For additional information, contact Sheila Stoeckel, (608) 265-2755, or