Poster of iconic campus doorways includes many from CALS

A new poster called “Doors of UW–Madison” features 25 images of iconic campus entryways—and, not surprisingly, eight of them are affiliated with CALS, including Ag Hall, the Stock Pavilion and the Genetics-Biotechnology Center (see full list below).

Sales of the poster, which was created by the Division of Enrollment Management using volunteer photographers, will benefit need-based scholarships offered by the Great People Scholarship Campaign.

The posters can be purchased for $20 at the University Book Store at its State Street and Hilldale locations. They can also be purchased by sending a check ($25 includes shipping and handling, $30 for international) along with your name and mailing address to DEM Posters, 333 East Campus Mall, Madison, WI 53715-1376.

Here’s a list of all entryways featured on the poster (CALS-affiliated buildings in bold):

  1. Materials Science & Engineering
  2. Soil Science
  3. Sterling Hall
  4. Education Building
  5. Stock Pavilion
  6. La Follette School of Public Affairs
  7. Agricultural Engineering
  8. Babcock Hall Dairy Store
  9. Rathskeller-Memorial Union
  10. Rathskeller, back door
  11. Camp Randall, arches
  12. Washburn Observatory, back door
  13. Bascom Hall
  14. Carson Gulley Commons
  15. Tripp Gatehouse
  16. Music Hall
  17. Carillon Tower
  18. Genetics-Biotechnology Center
  19. Horticulture-Moore Hall
  20. College of Agriculture, back door
  21. Memorial Library
  22. D.C. Smith Greenhouse
  23. Memorial Union
  24. Grainger Hall
  25. Red Gym