SigmaPlot graphing software now available to CALS for free

Many researchers will recognize SigmaPlot as one of the best-of-breed scientific graphing packages, with academic versions costing $495 per standalone installation. This software is now available without charge throughout the CALS network for download and use. (See for instructions.)

The software is written for the Microsoft Windows operating system but Mac OS X users with Intel-based computers (post ~2006) can run Windows in Boot Camp or a virtual machine created with 3rd party software. Popular choices for VM managers are VirtualBox (free), VMware Fusion, or Parallels Desktop. (Check with your local IT staff for details.)

Download and use require an internet connection from within the wired networks associated with CALS units. After download, a local environment variable must be set (once) on the user’s computer to make the program come up as a concurrent license instead of a demo program. (See Installation instructions for details.)

The availability of this software title is part of a larger pilot program running concurrent licenses, with Engineering, DoIT and the Grad School as partners. Additional titles will be added and use of NetIDs instead of wired network addresses as identifiers is in the works.

Phillip Barak, PhD
Professor, Dept of Soil Science
Interim IT Director, CALS
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison