Conference this summer will focus on using markets to protect ecosystems

A detailed agenda is now available for the 4th Annual Ecosystem Markets Conference sponsored by the World Resources Institute and the American Forest Foundation to be held June 29 – July 1, 2011 at the Madison Concourse Hotel in Madison.

Using markets to protect and restore ecosystems – and the many services they provide – is becoming a reality in the U.S. But what are the critical elements for success, what progress has been made, and what are the remaining challenges? Experts, innovators, and hands-on users of these evolving market models will come together in a dialogue about recent progress, what transactions can be done now, how these markets will affect property owners, and how state and regional efforts can merge into a common model.

The Annual National Ecosystem Markets Conference, now in its 4th year, convenes the world’s top thought leaders over two days to not only discuss the state of ecosystem markets, but to tackle the tough issues facing these markets in order to determine how to drive them forward.

Discussion and audience participation will be heavily emphasized in every panel; that means no PowerPoints and more than 50% of each panel dedicated to Q&A! Furthermore, the successful World Café format from 2010 will return with more than 20 unique discussions, providing even more opportunity for audience interaction and networking with renowned experts and colleagues.

The conference will kick-off with a compelling discussion of the progress, lessons, opportunities, and challenges for market-based conservation lead by Sally Collins and featuring Craig Hanson of the World Resources Institute, Adam Davis of Solano Partners, Inc., and Bobby McCormick of Clemson University.

A full Conference Agenda is now available on our website, detailing the numerous panels and discussions lead by over 100 recognized experts and leading innovators in the fields of payments for ecosystem services.

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