Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Ag offers updates on current projects

The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, or WISA, has published its spring 2011 newsletter with updates on selected projects. WISA’s current projects involve more than 50 faculty, staff and students as well as hundreds of stakeholders in place-based sustainability research and outreach. WISA in the process of selecting and funding five additional projects that will be initiated in 2011.

The newsletter describes these current initiatives:

  • Efficient water use in Central Sands Wisconsin irrigated agriculture: balancing grower needs with environmental conservation
  • Healthy Grown farms
  • Sustainability metrics for the dairy processing industry
  • Blue Skies, Greener Pastures: development of a grazing futures network
  • Field to Foodbank project
  • Addressing sustainability in the national cranberry industry
  • Optimization of grazing systems & organic agriculture efforts
  • The National Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture

Download a copy of WISA’s spring 2011 newsletter.