Ag Day on Campus – April 28

“Ag Day on Campus” is being held on Thursday, April 28th on Library Mall at UW-Madison as a new event organized by the UW-Madison Collegiate Farm Bureau in an effort to help connect students to farmers. The event is aimed toward college students from across UW-Madison community to remind them about the role agriculture plays in their daily lives, from food to fuel to fiber.

“UW-Madison has a great diverse student body, most of whom don’t come from an agricultural background,” says Julie Martin, president of the Collegiate Farm Bureau. “Ag Day on Campus is intended to remind everyone about the importance of agriculture in today’s society and to educate about how today’s farmers bring food to the table. We often take for granted the safe, affordable and abundant food supply American consumers enjoy.”

Students from all areas of agriculture will be on Library Mall to engage in conversations with students as they walk through the area.  String cheese will be distributed along with informational flyers about agriculture, including its positive impact on Wisconsin’s economy and providing an abundant, safe food supply. Other College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) student organizations participating include: Badger Dairy Club, Saddle & Sirloin, Association of Women in Agriculture and Alpha Gamma Rho. Sponsors of the event include Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee, Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association (WALSAA), Family Dairies USA, Vita Plus, Dane County Farm Bureau, Udder Tech, Badgerland Financial and Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

For more information about this event, or to conduct and interview please contact Lauren Holterman, UW-Madison Collegiate Farm Bureau Secretary/Treasurer at (920) 392-1220 or