CALS in the News: Feb. 28-Mar. 4

In the News

Is this the solution to the world’s energy crisis?  Scientists ‘make diesel fuel using sun, water and carbon dioxide’
Mail Online 3/2/2011
Quoted: Timothy Donohue, Bacteriology

UW-Madison Wins Southwestern Dairy Judging Contest
Wisconsin Agriculturist 3/3/2011
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Brian Kelroy, Dairy Science

DBA launches milk-testing co-op
The Country Today 3/3/2011 (online subscription required)
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Ag and Applied Economics

Hints shared for using crop insurance this year
Agri-View 3/3/2011
Quoted: Dave Moll, Ag and Applied Economics

Rural groups weigh in on state budget
The Country Today 3/3/2011 (online subscription required)
Quoted: John Shutske, Cooperative Extension

Claims regarding negative glyphosate impact on plant disease, yields refuted by universities
Agri-View 3/3/2011
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy
Mentioned: Paul Esker, Plant Pathology

Study: Wisconsin’s Municipalities No Strangers to Fiscal Stress
Ashland Current 3/2/2011
Quoted: Steve Deller, Ag and Applied Economics

Wisconsin Boaters and Anglers are Doing More to Halt Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species
University Communications 3/1/2011
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: Bret Shaw, Life Sciences Communication

Of Interest

Oil shock could push world food prices higher
CNN Money 3/3/2011

Coalition of 90 groups blast ethanol tax credits
Biofuels Digest 3/2/2011

Cross Country: 2011 looks to be good for dairy farmers 3/3/2011