Search and screen committee invites nominations of candidates for CALS Dean

The undersigned search and screen committee for the dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences invites your nominations/applications for the deanship.

The college embodies the university’s land grant mission, which includes extension and outreach to the citizens of the state and beyond. It offers graduate and undergraduate instruction in a wide range of specialties keyed to research, education, business, industry, communications, conservation and natural resources, production, technical assistance in national and international programs, and numerous interdisciplinary studies and research. Many of the basic biological sciences are located in the college. The college enrolls approximately 1,000 graduate and 2,600 undergraduate students.

The dean provides leadership to 300 faculty, 600 professional academic staff, 320 civil service staff, 1,000 graduate assistants, and directs a budget of more than $180 million, approximately half of which comes from extramural support. The dean, who reports to the chancellor and the provost, is the chief academic and executive officer of the college with responsibility for personnel, budget, fund raising, community relations, curriculum, academic affairs, and physical facilities. The dean shares leadership across the campus for the basic and applied biological sciences; is responsible for coordinating Cooperative Extension Service programs within the college, the administrative and budgetary control of which is shared with UW-Extension; and also serves as the director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station.

Major qualifications for this position include a successful record of administrative leadership in higher education; a commitment to advance the quality of undergraduate and graduate instruction, research, public service and outreach activities; a thorough appreciation of the complex issues involving agriculture, environmental, basic and applied life sciences, and economic development. The successful candidate will have the capacity to relate effectively to faculty, staff, students and external constituencies; a demonstrated commitment to increase the diversity of students, faculty and staff, to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and non-discriminatory practices, and to fostering an inclusive climate.

The university seeks individuals with a commitment to public service through dissemination of research, promoting the state’s economic development and supporting the Wisconsin Idea; an understanding and appreciation of the diverse missions and constituencies of a major public research university; demonstrated ability to work effectively in an environment of shared governance; responsiveness to the instructional and research needs of other schools/colleges; and the ability to represent the school and university effectively in educational, governmental, business, alumni, and public forums. Nationally-recognized accomplishments that meet the standards for tenure and appointment at the rank of full professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are a prerequisite for the deanship.

The position is available 1 July 2011. Electronic applications and nominations must be received by 4 April 2011 to ensure consideration. Later applications and nominations may also be considered. The committee particularly encourages applications and nominations of women and persons of underrepresented groups. Applicants should include a current curriculum vitae and a comprehensive cover letter that addresses how their strengths and experience match the qualifications for the position, and what they see as challenges and opportunities of the position, as well as the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of five references. Candidates will be consulted before references are contacted.

Please note that in accordance with Wisconsin statutes the names of nominees and applicants who explicitly request confidentiality will not be made public. However, the university is required to release the names and titles of the finalists who will be interviewed by the chancellor and the provost. A criminal background check will be conducted prior to hiring.

Submit applications and nominations electronically to the chair of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dean Search and Screen Committee at:

Questions may be directed to the search committee office at (608) 262-1677 or

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

Members of the Search and Screen Committee:

Richard Amasino
Brad Barham
Paul Bertics
Thomas Browne
Diana Downs
Peter Kappelman
Patricia McManus (chair)
William Oemichen
Nicole Perna
Pamela Ruegg
Gary Sandefur
Nicholas Schmuhl
David Stoltenberg
Kyle Swinsky
Stephen Ventura
Kathleen Zweifel