Badger Crops Club awarded DOW Aid to Education grant

As the Fall semester came to a close, the newly reinstated Badger Crops Club got some big news! They received a $3,000 gift from the DOW Aid to Education Foundation! DOW has hired numerous students from UW-Madison and felt very strongly about supporting an organization that fosters activities that are important to their core business mission.

For the last 5-10 years, the Badger Crops Club at the University of Wisconsin – Madison had been inactive. During the spring of 2010, a group of motivated Agronomy students led by seniors Sally Turpin and Scott Rowntree set out to reinstate this critical student organization. Their hard work, determination, and keen marketing ability grew the club to roughly 15 members in just a few short months. In March of 2010 – after just two months as a club, 10 Agronomy and Soil Science students self –funded attendance to the regional Students of Agronomy, Soils and Environmental Sciences (SASES) meeting.

Using the $3,000, the Badger Crops Club will be able to continue on their track to excellence while growing membership and participating in larger college-wide Agronomy/Soils recruitment conversations. First, the award will help supplement the travel cost to such meetings as the 2011 Regional SASES meeting, and the 2011 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting. Second, the award will help the club recruit new members. Finally, the award will assist  club members in helping promote the Agronomy and Soil Science majors and the rewarding careers they allow.

A special thank you to Drew Ratterman from DOW AgroSciences for making this opportunity possible!

-Maria McGinnis, CALS Career Services