Ahna Skop will keynote Microbe Fiber Art Show at Overture Dec. 17

Ahna Skop passes on the word that a group of Madison-area fiber artists/scientists will be exhibiting their work in a microbe fiber art show called Our Tiny Friends and Foes at the in the Playhouse Gallery in the Overture Centure Dec. 17–Feb. 6.

“I thought it would be great for your kids, students, friends and family to come see how beautiful the microscopic world is,” says Skop, an assistant professor in the genetics department.” There will also be dancing Microbes, I am told, on opening night!” Skop will be giving the keynote address at the opening reception, which takes place Friday, December 17, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

Following is an abbreviated version of the description of the event on the Overture Century website.

Since the invention of the microscope artists have been inspired by the beauty of life at the cellular level. Microorganisms live in our bodies, our food and all around us. We need some to survive; others we do better without. This show creates an opportunity to explore the beauty of natural forms not visible to the naked eye, how we imagine microorganisms, and how we fit into the whole spectrum of life.  This will be concurrent with the show, “Handmade Meaning: The Value of Craft in Victorian and Contemporary Culture,” in the Watrous Gallery of the Overture Center. Building on the themes of that show, “Our Tiny Friends and Foes” will be a celebration of the social aspects of fiber arts as embodied in the traditions of quilting bees, knitting circles and the modern resurgence of community crafting.