CALS cyclists log 1,467 miles during Commuter Bike Challenge

Seventy riders from six CALS departments logged nearly 1,467 miles during Bike to Work Week of June 6-11 for the Commuter Bike Challenge. Logging the most riders and miles among CALS workplaces was the Department of Biochemistry. The top average miles-per-rider award goes to Animal Sciences (29.5 miles per rider)  followed closely by Entomology and Food Science. Reporting the highest individual total was Chris Bianchetti, Biochemistry, with 64 miles for the week; he edged out Ken Keefover-Ring, Entomology, by one mile. Other high-milers include Terrence Barry, Animal Sciences (59.5) and Thomas Dettinger, Entomology (56).

Participating workplaces include the departments of Animal Sciences (5 riders, 130 miles), Biochemistry (30 riders, 618 miles), CALS admin offices (9 riders, 178 miles), Community and Environmental Sociology, 9 riders, 124 miles), Entomology (6 riders, 270 miles) and Food Science (11 riders, 147 miles).

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