New WAES changes beginning June 21st

Beginning June 21, 2010, the following changes will be implemented for the Formula Grant (Hatch, Hatch Multistate, McIntire-Stennis, and Animal Health) programs.

All receipts and requests for re-budgets should be sent as electronic attachments (i.e., PDF, jpeg) to:

The subject line in your email should state the following for each of these requests:

(department name) Receipts: PRJxxxx

(department name) Re-budget: PRJxxxx

Multistate Travel:
(department name) Multistate Travel: PRJxxxx

For example:
Biochemistry Receipts: PRJAB12
Biochemistry Re-budget: PRJAB12
Biochemistry Multistate Travel: PRJAB12

1) Provide electronic/scanned copies of invoices and receipts (i.e. Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, Sentry Foods, etc) including date of service, amount, and project ID.
2) Briefly indicate how the item(s) will be used on the project.
3) If you are submitting shipping/postal receipts (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc), a strong justification should be included.

Travel (ONLY when you are direct charging to the WAES administrative project for multistate travel )
1) Provide a copy of the receipt for lodging, fleet vehicle, airfare, etc. indicating date(s) of travel, purpose of travel (such as annual multistate meeting project number), traveler’s name, and amount.

Re-Budget Requests for Up to 2 Months of Research Assistant (RA) Salary
1) Provide a brief justification for the re-budget from RA salary.
2) Indicate amount and category (supply, travel, or student hourly/LTE) where you would like the RA salary re-budgeted. Please remember that the associated fringe for the RA salary will revert back to the WAES and cannot be re-budgeted to another category.

Re-Budget Requests for Supplies, Travel, and Student Hourly/LTE
1) We will no longer require re-budget requests when the re-budget will occur amongst the supply, travel, and student hourly/LTE categories.
2) It will be the PI and Department’s responsibility to review these budget categories on a regular basis to ensure that the overall expenditures have not exceeded the overall budget at the end of each fiscal year (September 30).
3) At the end of each fiscal year, the WAES office will review each project and re-budget as appropriate to balance each category. We will NOT add funds to the project to cover expenditures that exceeded the overall awarded budget.