Wednesday Nite @ the Lab takes up dairy science June 23 & July 7

June 23 – A Link Between the Rumen and Milk? Influencing Rumen Fatty Acids and Their Appearance in Milk
Elizabeth Ann French, Graduate Student, Ph.D. candidate, Dairy Nutrition Department of Dairy Science. Dairy cattle and other ruminant animals derive a major proportion of their daily nutrients from products of rumen microbial fermentation. Components of milk fat arise from the rumen microbial population and could estimate these nutrients required by the dairy cow. Research conducted in attempt to alter the composition of milk fat by influencing the rumen microbial population will be discussed.

July 7 – A Decade of Lameness Research in Dairy Cattle:  Where Are We Now?
Nigel Cook, Clinical Associate Professor and Head of Food Animal Production Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine

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7:00 to 8:15 p.m.
Room 1111, The Auditorium
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