Welcome UWPD Community Officer Kristin Radtke to Ag Hall

With the recent construction for the School of Human Ecology project, Ag Hall is housing the Central Campus Community Officer during the two years of construction. Officer Kristin Radtke is currently located in room 240F of Ag Hall. Feel free to stop in her office if you have any questions or concerns. She can also be reached at 265-6753 or

Kristin’s hours are generally 6:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday. Her schedule can be changed as needed for community needs.

As a community officer Kristin has approximately 50 academic buildings in her area that she works with. Besides assisting with patrol calls and conducting follow-up on calls from the community she also works on projects and committees including, but not limited to, Badger Watch, a campus wide moped project, UWPD Citizens Academy, and pedestrian and bike concerns.