Family Horticulture Day – May 15

Red popcorn, purple potatoes and white carrots….oh my!
Experience horticulture in Technicolor at Family Horticulture Day

Gather your family, friends, or grab a neighbor and join us on May 15 at the University of Wisconsin West Madison Agricultural Research Station to see the rainbow of vegetables on display

Learn how to attract native pollinators to your garden using “island gardens”. Island garden plantings are easy to make and attractive. Native pollinators generally don’t sting; their nesting sites can be built with inexpensive material and your vegetables, flowers, and fruit trees will respond with abundance. Gain more knowledge: learn how to grow a beautiful lawn with less impact on the environment.

Still interested in more amazing science projects? Check out the Cabbage Chemistry Challenge and join in the amazing color change. Check, too, to see how celery and flowers work for bioremediation. Make a “Living Plant Necklace” using Fast Plants. Still want to learn more? Learn about vermiculture and how raising red wiggle worms helps with composting.

Interested in starting a vegetable garden? Experts will be on hand to demonstrate how you can plant, maintain and harvest a kitchen garden, even in a small space. Tomato, pepper, and broccoli seedlings will be provided, along with instructions for growing, harvesting and storing. Squash and pumpkin seeds will also be available. You can also learn how to grow purple, red and yellow potatoes in a pot or garbage can. Late blight resistant tomatoes seedlings will be available.