CALS in the News: March 8-12, 2010

News Items

Scientists propose a more efficient way to make ethanol
New York Times 3/2/10
Mentioned: Ronald Raines, Biochemistry

Report: Organic ag weathered 2009 downturn
The Country Today 3/10/2010 (subscription required, 7A)
Quoted: Tom Kriegl, dairy profitability

A Sweet Google Scoop: Babcock Dairy announces plan for Google Fiber ice cream 3/10/2010
Mentioned: Babcock Dairy Plant

Reproduction Topic at Luxemburg
Agri-View 3/10/10
Mentioned: Paul Fricke, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science

CDR Director Rusty Bishop to retire
Agri-View 3/10/10
Mentioned: Rusty Bishop, food science

Yield of RR2Y Soybeans evaluated, compared
Agri-View 3/10/10
Quoted: John Gaska, agronomy, plant pathology

Grass management hints harvested
Agri-View 3/10/10
Quoted: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Apple grafting workshop: Wausau
Agri-View 3/10/10
Mentioned: Robert Tomesh, agriculture and natural resources

Monsanto faces fight as probes bolster critics
STL Today 3/11/10
Quoted: Paul Carstensen, Gaylord Nelson Institute for environmental studies

BG has eyes on Google network
Bowling Green Daily News 3/11/2010
Mentioned: Babcock Dairy Plant

On Campus: America’s Dairyland wants to woo Google with, what else? Ice cream.
Wisconsin State Journal 3/11/2010
Quoted: Sara Brummel, Manager, Babcock Dairy Store

WALSAA launches newly designed website
Wisconsin Ag Connection 3/11/2010
Mentioned: UW-Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Wanted: more competition for agriculture
High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal 3/12/10
Quoted: Peter Carstensen, Gaylord Nelson Institute for environmental studies

Dairyline: Prices for cheese continue to fall
Capital Press 3/12/10
Quoted: Bob Cropp, agricultural and applied economics

Science 360 News Service Newsletter
Science 360 3/10/2010
Mentioned: Ronald Raines, Biochemistry

Of Interest

Red Menace: Stop the Ug99 fungus before its spores bring starvation

Buttermaker License
Cheese Underground Blog

Monsanto 7-State Probe Threatens Profit From 93% Soybean Share
Bloomberg 3/10/2010

Madison eats agenda: will Allen, documentaries, egg art, FestivAle, MACSAC open house
Isthmus 3/8/2010