Funding Focus: Wisconsin Agricultural and Food Systems Network

CALS is pleased to announce the Wisconsin Agricultural and Food Systems Network: Dairy Systems Sustainability Metrics funding opportunity. This is a request for proposals that evaluate sustainability practices and metrics in the Wisconsin dairy and cheese manufacturing industry. The information generated by this applied research will be used as a starting point to inform decisions primarily in cheese manufacturing industry that promote environmental conservation, carbon footprint reductions and profitability.

These funds are intended to provide baseline information, knowledge and metrics that can be used to measure success and identify areas of potential improvement in dairy processing, as well as to identify potential areas where Wisconsin dairy products can be differentiated in the marketplace based on sustainability parameters. All proposals must clearly describe how the funding will be used to leverage additional funding and/or stimulate new programming, and must include a plan for outreach.

Proposals are due to the CALS Research Division by 5pm on April 1, 2010 (All proposals must have departmental approval and be routed through WISPER as with any other submission).



Jed Colquhoun
Director of Agricultural Systems Programming, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
(608) 890-0980