Historic UW Short Course turns 125

The world was a much different place when rural students first came to campus for the University of Wisconsin Short Course in 1886. It was the year that Queen Victoria was “given” Burma as a birthday gift, Karl Benz patented the first gas-driven automobile, and Geromino surrendered with his last band of Apache warriors. John Deere and Franz Liszt died. Ty Cobb and John Jacob Astor were born. The College of Agriculture hadn’t yet been established when a two-man committee recommended that the university offer “a shorter course for the winter months confined to the term of two years.”

The Farm and Industry Short Course (“Farm” was added to the title in 1935; “Industry” was added in 1968) celebrated its 125th anniversary at its annual reunion on Jan. 30. To learn more about the program, download A History of the Farm & Industry Short Course: 1885-2010.