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NIFA Plans to Release Agriculture and Food Research Initiative RFA in February

Please visit for the full announcement. Of note for the 2010 RFA:

Priority areas:
o Plant health and production and plant products
o Animal health and production and animal products
o Food safety, nutrition, and health
o Renewable energy, natural resources, and environment
o Agriculture systems and technology
o Agriculture economics and rural communities

Within these priority areas, AFRI will support interdisciplinary, multi-functional projects in five “societal challenge” areas to achieve significant and measurable outcomes and achieving goals. The five goals include:
o Keep American agriculture competitive while ending world hunger
o Improve nutrition and end child obesity
o Improve food safety for all Americans
o Secure America’s energy future through renewable biofuels
o Mitigate and adapt agriculture to variations in climate

Grants in 2010 will be larger in size and longer in duration
o Funding up to $25 million
o Duration up to five years with some grants eligible for renewal upon achieving specific goals
o Expected to result in greater collaboration among institutions and integration of basic and applied research with deliberate education or extension programs

Pre- and Post-doctoral fellowship grants will be offered

Deadlines will vary by program
o Letters of intent will be due no sooner than 3 weeks after the release of the RFA
o Full proposals will be due no sooner than 6 weeks after the letter of intent deadline

Watch the USDA NIFA website and eCALS for updates!