Curriculum Committee proposes that CALS adopt a single B.S. degree

The last major undergraduate curricular restructuring in CALS took place during the 1980s, and established our current system of 8 degrees, under which our 24 majors are offered. This structure was meant to ensure flexibility for students, and was established during a time when the college had the resources to support the resulting complexities.

Today, the challenges of offering, maintaining, and advising over 70 distinct curricular paths have become significant. In addition, the college and its students have changed over the past two decades.

With these facts in mind, the CALS Curriculum Committee hereby recommends that CALS adopt a single BS degree, to replace the four general degrees.

The CALS Curriculum Committee invites you to explore the proposal through the links to the right and to provide feedback through any of the mechanisms listed on its Bachelor of Science Degree Proposal website.