Faculty, staff and students sought for free summer learning program in Prishtina, Kosovo

The University of Prishtina, located in Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo, invites CALS faculty, staff and students to participate in its 2010 International Prishtina Summer University. This program brings together instructors and students from around the world for three weeks for courses and workshops in the fields of humanities, law, economics, arts, social sciences, education, agriculture, physical education and engineering. All costs involved are underwritten, so there’s no expense to participants.

During a recent visit to Wisconsin, several deans from the University of Prishtina met with counterparts in CALS and asked them to encourage faculty and staff to submit a few proprosals for courses and to invite students to apply to participate. The program’s website doesn’t yet have materials for the 2010 program, but you can get an idea of the types of programs offered by looking at descriptions of the 2009 courses and information for potential instructors. Links are provided at,69,171.

If you’d like to pursue this opportunity further, please contact associate dean Ben Miller at 262-5570 or

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