Please feed the ants

Sandye Adams has a lot of mouths to feed. Tens of thousands of them. Adams is one of the antkeepers for the bacteriology department’s new Ants and Agriculture display in the lobby of the Microbial Sciences Building. The foraging ants in that colony go through a lot of greens, and contributions are welcome.

“The ants love fresh green material that has not been treated with pesticides or fungicides,” say Sandye Adams, a technician in Cameron Currie’s lab. “They especially love young and tender leaves from just about any plant, except for clover and alfalfa. They love citrus fruits, mangos, pomegranates, and all types of flowers.

“I would really love it if someone could help me get a couple of hibiscus plants going, as I have some space to grow them,” Adams adds.”.

Plant donations can be brought to 4325 MSB. Contact Adams at 890-0237 or with questions or to arrange plant pick up.