Don’t catch a virus from your computer. Don’t let it catch one either.

In case you missed it, two good pieces of advice from DoIT on preventing viruses — the human kind and the virtual kind.

1) Clean your keyboard to avoid spreading the flu (especially if you share a computer)

  • A bottle of compressed air will help dislodge loose particles stuck between or under your keys.
  • Before cleaning your keyboard, unplug your computer (better safe than sorry). Clean the keyboard surface with your favorite all-purpose household cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. Spray or pour a small amount of cleaner on a lint-free cloth and gently clean the keys on your keyboard.

2) Install anti-virus software to protect your data
Using the anti-virus included on the Security Starter Software package will help keep your computer protected. Download Symantec AntiVirus, and be sure to configure your computer to update your virus definitions daily, automatically. Use it consistently to scan your hard drive, zip disks and other files for viruses. For more information, see

Be sure to wash your hands often or use alcohol-based hand cleaner. For more information on avoiding H1N1 this fall, see