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Report maps course for CALS sustainable ag work

Six months ago, Dean Molly Jahn asked Professors Jed Colquhoun, Randy Jackson and Jack Kloppenburg to help begin charting a new path for CALS’ commitment to teaching, research and outreach on sustainable agricultural systems. The three collected input from scores of people, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, farmers, citizens and representatives of interested organizations. The results of that effort are contained in a new report, available online here.“Their research confirms both the tremendous interest in sustainability among our clients and the need to support that interest with more vigorous, coordinated research, instruction and outreach,” says Dean Jahn. “While much of this work is already being carried out by individual CALS faculty and staff, the authors conclude—and I agree—that the college could do more to support, integrate and deliver the fruits of those efforts to our stakeholders.”

The report lays out some specific proposals for how to move forward with this process. Dean Jahn invites feedback on the report’s recommendations, particularly as they pertain to structuring a process for Phase 2 of this study. Comments can be emailed to the project team or to Dean Jahn.

Dean Jahn has asked Jed Colquhoun to lead the next phase of this process.

“Phase 2 will occur from the ground up and in a transparent environment, with Jed acting as a ‘weaver’ among internal and external interests, as suggested in the listening sessions,” she explains. “Jed is extremely well qualified to serve in this capacity, and I am grateful for his willingness to take on this project.”