WAES Fiscal Year 2010 New Project Budget Period Begins October 1, 2009

Please review the following information regarding WAES fiscal year 2010 project budget additions, new project setup, MDS split funding, new project ID numbers, and Hatch multi-state travel.

Project Budget Additions and New Award

The fiscal year 2010 project budget additions and new project setup are in progress. The project categorical budget amount awarded can be found in WISDM financial reporting. If you do not see the budget addition by October 30, 2009, please contact Angela Seitler,, or Jennifer Pang,

MDS split funding available Effective July 6, 2009

If the default funding involves Formula 142 Fund projects, please contact Jennifer Pang,, PRIOR to establishing the MDS charge.

New project ID numbers

Please DO NOT continue using the previous project ID number for charges incurred beginning October 1, 2009.

Each project period begins on a new project ID number and is set up for the new budget period October 1, 2009 – September 30, 2010. See WISDM financial reporting and click on the hyperlink to the Award ID number that will list associated project ID and budget periods.

Hatch Multi-state Travel

Please DO NOT use 142-PRJ15XT for travel occurring in fiscal year 2010, beginning October 1, 2009.

Travel occurring within the fiscal year 2010 project budget period must be charged to the appropriate project ID and budget period. Please contact Jennifer Pang,, for the correct project ID number PRIOR to incurring direct charges in advance of travel.