UW System offers funds to support ARRA grant applications

UW System  is offering funds to support faculty and staff efforts in applying for grants available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The purpose of the funding is to encourage submission of grant proposals to federal agencies and can be used for release time and summer salary, grant-writing assistance, matching funds, or other special needs.  The maximum award is $20,000 per proposal.  There is no deadline for requests; the fund will remain in place as long as federal stimulus grant opportunities are available or the funding, which is limited, is exhausted.

The purpose of this funding is to encourage UW faculty and staff to develop and submit grant proposals to federal agencies to maximize the capture of economic stimulus funds in support of higher education in Wisconsin.  Funding can be requested for the following purposes:

•    Release time and summer salary (provided the recipient devotes the time for grant development)
•    Securing the assistance of a professional grant-writer
•    Matching funds for proposals
•    Other special needs identified by the institution

How to request funds
Submit a brief letter of inquiry that includes the following:

  1. Brief description of the type and amount of grant development assistance requested, including justification
  2. Brief description of the grant proposal (including title and subject area) that will be developed
  3. Name of federal agency and total budget amount projected for the proposal
  4. Deadline for the grant application
  5. Reasons for likelihood of federal funding success

In addition, the institution’s provost, chief business officer, and grant/research administrator will be required to certify (on the attached form) to UW System that the funding will be used for the specified grant application, and that a synopsis of the submitted grant proposal will be sent to the UW System.

Letters of inquiry, institutional certification statements, and synopses of submitted grant proposals should be sent via email to:
Kris Andrews, Assistant Vice President for Federal Relations,

Review process
The UW System Office of Federal Relations and a three-person review committee will screen the letters of inquiry and provide a recommendation to the Sr. Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Affairs.  Inquiries will be screened according to the following criteria:

•    Scientific/subject merit of the intended grant proposal
•    Justification of how the UW System funding will be used
•    Likelihood of federal funding success

Notification of the funding decision will be made within 7-10 days of receipt of a complete letter of inquiry and institutional certification.  If funded, the recipient/institution agrees to prepare and submit a full proposal to the federal agency by the grant deadline.  A synopsis of the submitted proposal will be sent to UW System, Office of Federal Relations, within 20 days of proposal submission.  UW System will maintain confidentiality of all grant applications.

Questions concerning this funding opportunity can be directed to:

  • Kris Andrews
    Assistant Vice President for Federal Relations
    or 608-263-3362
  • Tom Anderes
    Sr. Vice President for Administration & Fiscal Affairs
    or 608-262-4048