Grad school survey asks about responsible scholarship and research

The Graduate School is fielding a survey about responsible scholarship and research in collaboration with Michigan State University and Pennsylvania State University. The survey is part of the Council of Graduate School’s “Project for Scholarly Integrity” and is funded by the Office of Research Integrity of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Project for Scholarly Integrity” is a response of the graduate education community to increasing calls from sponsors to integrate education about scholarly integrity with graduate and postdoctoral training. I think it is important that UW-Madison take a leading role in making this happen. This survey provides a baseline for graduate programs to develop policies or education activities that will make the university a better place to conduct research and other scholarly work.

The survey started last week and will continue through the first week of May. All faculty and graduate students, as well as many research scientists and postdoctoral researchers in departments with graduate programs, are being invited to participate. Participation is voluntary and graduate programs and departments will receive feedback on the results.

There is a Web page describing the survey and providing answers to frequently asked questions at

Martin Cadwallader
Vice Chancellor for Research and
Dean of the Graduate School