ARRA Funds for Research

The American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is now in place.  To help
stimulate the economy, UW-Madison and institutions of higher education
nationwide are being asked to contribute our expertise and strong record
of success in research and education.  ARRA provides an infusion of
funding for research at an unprecedented level.  At the same time, there
are clear expectations of transparency and accountability in the use of
these funds.

The magnitude of funding in ARRA and the speed with which the
legislation was enacted caught many Federal agencies by surprise.  Much
of the information concerning the ARRA implementation has yet to be
announced.  RSP is gathering information from many sources and providing
it on our website,  We will
continue to update this material as soon as it becomes available.

Treatment of research funds originating from ARRA will require new
management and reporting practices to the federal agencies, which must
then report to the public through the website,

Please see the CALS Research Division’s ARRA webpage to view the rest of this notice and for more ARRA information.