CALS in the News: March 30-April 1, 2009

News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff…

CALS in the News

Entomology department’s centennial celebration features butterfly exhibit
UW-Madison News 03/30/09
Quoted: Walter Goodman, department chair, Entomology

UWM scientists develop techniques to unravel proteins’ mysteries
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 03/30/09
Quoted: George N. Phillips, Jr., Biochemistry

Wis. plan would build labs, support Bradley Center
AP, INO News 03/31/09
Mentioned: Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

UW-Madison Study Reveals New Options for People with PKU
Biocompare 03/31/09
Quoted: Denise Ney, Nutritional Sciences

Survey shows high interest in biofuels
UW-Madison News 04/01/09
Quoted: Hernando Rojas, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Brett Shaw, Life Sciences Communication

UW-Madison Among Top Competitors at National Dairy Challenge
Wisconsin Ag Connection 2/1/2009
Mentioned: Laura Bahn, Patrick Kusilek, Phil Monson, and Annette Zwald,
Dairy Science Students

‘Mr. Sheep’ to sell flock he started 73 years ago
Country Today 4/2/2009 (subscription) Pg 1
Quoted: Art Pope, Animal Sciences (emeritus)

Red Clover Frost Seeding Into Wheat Can ‘Grow’ Nitrogen For Corn Crop
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Quoted: Kevin Shelley, Horticulture

Ration Balancing Topic At Medford
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Mentioned: Randy Shaver, Dairy Science

‘Green Manure’: Making It Work
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Quoted: Kevin Shelley, Horticulture

Don’t Wait Until Someone Dies: Plan Ahead
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Quoted: Phil Harris, Ag & Applied Economics

Transfer to Farm Business ‘Entity’ Explained
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Quoted: Phil Harris, Ag & Applied Economics

Straub to Oversee College Animal Operations
Agri-View 4/2/2009
Mentioned: Richard Straub, Biological Systems Engineering

State 4-H Dairy Bowl held
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/2009 (PDF version)
Quoted: Ted Halbach, Dairy Science

Cows reign at Bur-Wall Holsteins
Wisconsin Agriculturist 4/2009 (PDF version)
Mentioned: UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course

Topics of Interest

Speakers: Manure could be resource
Country Today 4/2/2009 (subscription) Pg 6C
Mentioned: UW-Madison
Mentioned: Cooperative Extension