Vidal Quevedo joins CALS as manager of online communications

Vidal Quevedo has joined the CALS Communication Program as manager of online communications. This puts him in the center of efforts to reshape the college’s online presence. His first project, the online version of GROW magazine, will coincide with the release of the magazine’s spring issue in early March. After that he will be helping to lead a full re-evaluation and redesign of some of the College’s most visible sites, including eCALS and the CALS home page.

In fact, his efforts to upgrade the CALS web presence began well before he accepted his new job. During his graduate student career he developed or redeveloped these sites:

Quevedo recently received an M.S. in Family and Consumer Journalism through the CALS Department of Life Sciences Communication. He earned his B.S. degree in Information Systems at Universidad Tecnológica del Centro in Valencia, Venezuela in 2001. To see other samples of his work, go to: