Students, faculty and staff urged to attend CALS budget forum on Jan. 26

When it comes to coming up with ideas for addressing the impacts of the state’s large budget deficit, we’re all experts. Each one of us has insights and expertise to contribute as we endeavor to find more efficient ways to operate and identify the activities that are essential to our mission as well as those we can’t afford to continue. Tapping into that expertise was the idea behind the brainstorming sessions that Chancellor Martin held last month, and it’s the goal of the CALS Budget Forum planned for Monday, January 26 from 3:30–5 p.m in the Ebling Symposium Center, Microbial Sciences Building. Everyone in the CALS community — faculty, staff, students and friends — is strongly encouraged to come. More information on the forum, including opportunities to contribute ideas ahead of time, will be provided soon via email.