Research Admin 101

The Research Admin 101 series is a great way for researchers and research administrators to get information from specialists around campus on preparing proposals, managing awards, meeting compliance requirements and more.

All sessions start at 9:00 a.m. and take place in Engineering Centers Building (1550 Engineering Drive), Room 1003. Register online at for the following sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to Research Administration
Wednesday, Jan. 21
Sandi Robins & Stephanie Gray

Session 2: Proposal Preparation
Wednesday, Feb. 11
Debbie Meltzer, Sharon Vetter, Becky Bound

Session 3: Agreement Types
Wednesday, March 11
Tammy Kuhn Martin, Dawn Herrick, Steve Harsy

Session 4: Award Management
Wednesday, April 22
Carol Hillmer, Ken Mount, Petra Schroeder

Session 5: Compliance
Wednesday, May 13
Jim Wells, Chip Quade, Jim Turk