American Heart Association application guidelines

The American Heart Assocation (AHA) has released Grants@Heart, a new system for proposal submission and award management. If you are planning to submit an application to the AHA for the upcoming January deadline, please note the following information, provided by Research and Sponsored Programs.

  • PIs need to be sure to select Kim Moreland as the Grants Officer and Robert Andresen as the Fiscal Officer.
  • PC users must use Internet Explorer, and Mac users must use Safari. Other browsers will not work.
  • The Grants@Heart system times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Once all application components are completed, the PI will press a button “Submit to Grants Officer,” which will notify RSP that an application is ready for institutional review. RSP will pass the notification on to CALS; CALS also recommends that the PI send a separate email to his/her contact in the CALS Research Division that the application is ready for review.
  • Grants@Heart does not allow for changes to be made by anyone other than the PI, including the Dean’s office and RSP.
    1. If something in the application needs to be changed, then the application will be rejected for the PI to make corrections, then submit to Grants Officer again.
      If the PI makes changes after submitting to Grants Officer, he/she must notify CALS Research Division immediately (to prevent submission of an incorrect version of the application) and will need to submit to Grants Officer again once the changes are made.
  • Once the Grants officer has submitted an application to AHA, it CANNOT be modified. There is NO window for corrections.
  • A WISPER record must be routed for each application. To ensure that the record is matched with the correct application (as some PI’s may plan to submit to both Midwest and National), include the AHA Application ID in the Sponsor Reference Number field.
  • If you have any questions during the submission process, please work with your departmental contact at the CALS Research Division.