Best Practices: Submission of Proposals/Applications

Due to an increase in proposals being submitted outside the proper channels, please review the policies regarding submission of proposals/applications to extramural agencies/sponsors.

All proposals/applications must be routed for college and campus review and approval prior to submission. WISPER (Wisconsin Proposal Electronic Routing system) is used to facilitate routing. Approvals are required from PI, Chair/Designee, College and RSP before proposals/applications may be submitted. Even if an agency/sponsor does not require institutional approval or a detailed budget, any proposal/application is viewed as an institutional commitment. Only the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System and its designates have signature authority for proposals, agreements, contracts, etc. When a PI submits an proposal/application to a sponsor or agency without institutional approval, it is submitted outside of the scope of their employment and can be considered misrepresentation, possibly invalidating the proposal/application.

In order to avoid putting CALS PIs in a position where an award cannot be accepted, please be sure to appropriately route the following for college and campus review and approval prior to submission:

  • letters of intent and preproposals
  • full proposals
  • proposal revisions, renewals, continuations, supplements
  • subcontracting proposals and extramural support actions
  • agreements
  • contracts
  • College policy indicates that awards generated by actions submitted without College and University approval prior to submission will not be accepted. Please work with CALS Research Division on all proposals/applications to facilitate submissions and expedite award execution.

    For more information, visit the complete policy on Sponsored Project Proposals Submitted Outside CALS/UW Channels or contact Meredith Luschen,, 261-1500.